FAMACHA worm control course, heat stress,  joint ill, barber's pole worm

Heat stress, CLA ( CL or cheesy gland) , Out of season breeding, meliodiosis

Autumn worms, horse worm treatments, when will my doe kid and using sheep drenches .

Welfare, Johne's disease, worms in goats, barber's pole worms

Pregnancy toxaemia, mastitis treatment,  cryptospiridiosis, nervous signs in kids, clouburst.

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Dr Google, refereed journals, is your worm drench (dewormer) working?, colostrum

Drench pregnant goats, pregnancy toxaemia, Mummified foetus, ketosis

Internal parasites, goat's eye, welfare, hydatids, scouring kids

Mycoplasma, baking soda, CL, Johne's disease

When to help a kidding goat, pour-ons for worm control, preparing for kidding, freemartins, neonatal kid deaths

Bottle raising kids, Photosensitisation, Prolapses, colostrum

Vaccinations that goats need, Akabane virus and kid deformities


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Submissions made to improve access to vet medicines for  Australian Goats  over many years

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goatvetoz has its own channel with many useful videos e.g. feet-trimming, performing a Rapid Mastitis Test , taking a temperature of a goat, taking faecal (fecal) sample from a goat, giving a subcutaneous injection, plus interviews with goat breeders who have eradicated CAE from their herds

Vaccinations, preparing for kidding, pregnancy toxaemia, abortions

Coccidiosis, goitre and iodine deficiency, scurs due to ineffective disbudding

Summer preparation, best drench (dewormer) to use for goats, mastitis, abomasal bloat in kids,

What vaccinations do my goats need?, revaccination intervals, scabby mouth (orf), Johne's disease vaccinations

Closed herds, joint ill, foot problems

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Free to download  - CAE and Johne's disease, the diseases you need to either keep out or eradicate from, your goat herd. Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz provides plans to eradicate these disease based on decades of experience.  Dr Sandra Baxendell also does blood testing and disease accreditation so everyone will know your goats are safe to purchase.