CAE Factsheet to download

Dr Sandra Baxendell, goatvetoz, has written a double sided A4 factsheet that you can download and use.  It is a good idea to give copies to people coming to buy your goats if you are CAE tested and accredited free.

CAE or Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis

This is a viral disease of goats that has no treatment nor vaccine &  causes:

  • Arthritis, especially of the knees
  • Wasting
  • Nervous signs
  • Hard udder/mastitis
  • Chronic pneumonia

This virus is so similar to the Maedi Visna virus of sheep that both viruses are now called Small Ruminant Lentivirus. 

Below are free downloads about CAE and also the latest post from the Facebook page that I manage about CAE (where I post at least weekly). Search Facebook for Let's Eradicate CAE or click here

Need to know more about CAE?

Get the booklet

Dr Sandra Baxendell, goatvetoz, has written a booklet that summarizes current research papers into words that can easily be understood by goat owners and veterinarians alike.  It is written for Australian conditions and has a lot of very practical advice and is printed on demand so is always up-to-date.  Cost is $30 posted to an Australian address and is posted with an invoice- I trust you.

Use the contact us form to order.

CAE Pinterest Board

Dr Sandra Baxendell, goatvetoz, has a Pinterest board called What CAE does to goats with lots of photos and reputable webpages about CAE.  Click here

Need help to eradicate CAE from your herd?

 Dr Sandra Baxendell, goatvetoz, eradicated CAE from her commercial goat dairy decades ago and has helped many others do the same.

Contact her to learn from her practical experience and latest research and to write a plan for you to eradicate  CAE, with or without culling currently infected goats.

Bucks can easily pick up CAE if mated to carrier does. 

So only ever allow does from tested negative herds come for service.  Only ever lease out bucks to tested negative or accredited herds. Read more in the free article that you can download below

Frequently Asked Questions about CAE 

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Queensland Dairy Goat Society of Australia proposed CAE accreditation scheme

Biosecurity Queensland have indicated they wish to hand over the running of their scheme to breed societies.    At a meeting between the Qld branch committee in early 2018, the final draft was discussed.    It is available here.