Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz  is unique as it only deals with goats and goat owners.  The owner, Dr Sandra Baxendell, PSM, BVSc (Hons), PhDMANZCVSc,GCertApplSC (rural extension), GCertPSectMgt, PGDAppSc, MRurSysMan, is an extremely well qualified veterinarian, with her PhD,  as well as her veterinary college membership,  completed on goats. She has also completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment so that her courses can meet the requirements of the Vocational Education System if required.

Her history is in her SlideShare presentation (click on link). She is very experienced with sick goats and how to treat sick goats, as well as advising about goat herd health problems.  She is also authorized to take blood samples for diseases accreditation e.g. Johne's disease and  CAE.  She has been disbudding kids and dehorning goats for over 40 years.

Goat Veterinary Consultancies- goatvetoz can provide prescriptions for sheep drenches with the correct dose rates to clients.  She can also provide pain relief products such as Buccalgesic gel or meloxicam injections for clients to use when doing their own disbuddings or castrations.

Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz has her own Youtube channel and has made a series of helpful videos such as how to tell if a goat is anaemic (anemic in US spelling) or has pale mucous membranes.  Check it out here.

(Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz is a registered business name in Australia.)

Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz