Goat disease control plans, worm control advice, public speaking about goats, elective surgery for goats e.g. dehorning, disbudding.

Do you wish you had as your veterinarian, someone who

  • only works with goats
  • has worked hands-on in commercial goat farms
  • has the best goat reference library in Australia
  • has worked with all goat types/breeds

If so, this business and website is for you

Sales of goat health supplies & equipment as well as goat crafts

Veterinary Advice about Goats

Mission of goatvetoz

To improve goat owners' skills and knowledge and introduce husbandry systems to leave a legacy of healthier goats & stronger goat industries.

Do you wish you could access a vet who was extremely knowledgeable about goats are genuinely cared about them?  Every day I learn more about goats, searching the web and my extensive reference collection to write or blog about goats. I am always learning more, despite my formal qualifications already completed on goats (e.g. PhD).  I am also one of only a handful of vets who have done their college (Australian & NZ College of Veterinary Scientists) membership in goats.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and hope to inspire you to become a better goat keeper.

Dr Sandra Baxendell, goatvetoz, will talk to any group about C.A.E. for free (just pick up or reimburse her travel costs). Details of other courses e.g. worm control,  are described in the fee document.